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I attended a seminar this morning in Brockville, presented by WSIB.

If you do not have employees right now, this will not apply to you, but it is always good to have this info for when you do decide to invest in staff.

Several reminders for ALL employers in Ontario:


Posting requirements:

  • the green book (which is the act itself),
  • a health and safety policy statement,
  • a violence statement,
  • a harassment statement (which must include sexual harassment),
  • The Health and Safety at work poster,
  • The 1,2,3,4 poster,
  • the first aid requirements AND a policy,
  • the Fair At Work Poster. (staff need to actually read and sign off on this AND you must post a copy)



  • Health and Safety Awareness,
  • Accessibility,
  • Harassment and Violence Training (*6 or more employees),
  • working at heights training,
  • WHMIS,
  • First Aid *At least one staff member trained in First aid must be in charge of the First Aid station which must be stocked according to the First Aid Regulation 1101. However, if only one staff is trained they can never be off the premises --- so the more people trained and certified the better.


*For employers with more 6 or more staff INCLUDING OWNERS, you must also have a health and safety worker representative.


Lots of employers may feel they are not required to meet these requirements.


If you have any doubt at all if you are compliant with all the regulations (this list above is not exhaustive as there may be some specific to your industry), please contact the OFFICE OF THE EMPLOYER ADVISER --- this is a government of Ontario branch that “Helps Ontario employers manage WSIB issues…providing expert advice, education and representation to employers in Ontario on workplace safety and insurance issues". These services are without cost---your WSIB premiums fund this program. You can check them out at www.employeradviser.ca, 1-800-387-0774.


And last but, certainly, not least, the blitz schedule is out!!!


You can check out the entire webpage listing at https://www.ontario.ca/page/workplace-inspection-blitzes-and-initiatives?_ga=2.53243818.348173911.1524262767-2081598334.1436893923 but I wanted to be sure you got the bullet points for Eastern Ontario. Here, in addition to the “across the province, across various sectors” blitzes, there are regional blitzes happening. Two of these are definitely within possibility of some of our clients so I give it to you here:


Sector/business type and focus Program Date
Chainsaw operation and maintenance Health and safety – industrial April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019
Quarry blasting operations Health and safety – mining May 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019
Utility work Health and safety – construction May 1 – August 31, 2018
Small retail/grocers Employment standards June 1 – September 28, 2018

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