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Monique Sturgeon, The Heat Source, Kemptville ON
“Fast, reliable and most importantly knowledgeable in QuickBooks. That’s why I have BCD Accounting Services as my accounting specialist. I can pick up the phone and ask a question or set up a time for Catherine to come in and sit with me or she can do it all herself. I trust BCD Accounting to fill me in when it comes to government issues. They are up to speed on everything and they will not steer you wrong.’
Nicole Salmon, T.S. Salmon Electric Ltd
Reliable and Knowledgeable

“Catherine Ellis and her company (BCD ACCOUNTING) has been a lifesaver to me from the very first interaction.

My husband opened his own electrical company roughly 7 years ago and asked me to do the paperwork for him.

I hesitantly said "YES" but was terrified as I had no background in this type of work.

BCD ACCOUNTING was recommended to me through the accountant that I used at the time and I've never regretted the decision for use of those services.

I was 100% taught how to use my QuickBooks Contractors Program, how to handle payroll and how to keep the business running smoothly and well organized by this company.

Each year I meet with BCD to handle my year end paperwork and also to solve any other accounting issues. I look forward to these meetings as I know that all my questions and confusions related to my Entries into the QuickBooks Program will be solved with my complete satisfaction.

I would also like to mention that the customer service is OUTSTANDING.

I know that if I have a question that doesn't require a visit that BCD ACCOUNTING is only a quick phone call or email away.

I, most often, or rather ALWAYS get a reply that very day if not within the hour that I left the message.

On a personal note, Catherine has become a dear friend to me as she is always kind to lend an ear when I am often frustrated with my bookkeeping work.

A business that makes friends out of their clients is worth investing in.

I very well could go on and on about how fortunate I am to have come upon this company but I believe I have left the impression that I intended to.

I would not hesitate to recommend BCD ACCOUNTING to anyone that required their services.”
Dr. C.L. Eamon, Optometrist
“BCD has provided my business with efficient, knowledgeable, accounting services for many years and has always been attuned to my business' specific needs.”
S Mitchell, Owner, To Be Continued Consignment Shops, Kemptville ON
“I bought my shop with BCD already handling the accounting for the previous owner, but I decided to go it on my own. However, I quickly realized, within six months, that Catherine would be a vital asset if my business were to succeed. Changes were happening in the business and I needed guidance, I needed an “in” with CRA and that was Catherine. I value her attention to detail, and the fact that she is always just a phone call away. I can even call on her for advice with other business commitments outside of my own shop. Her quick responsiveness is something I really appreciate and I have come to rely on her and her trustworthy counsel.”
Kathy VanDeVen, Perran Construction Limited, North Gower ON
“BCD Accounting Services has been handling the accounting for my husband’s construction firm for several years. Over the years we have had different BCD staff working with us, but Cath is our go-to person. I am so glad that she is there for us. Cath provides strong, ethical reasons for all the things she makes us do, (and stops us from doing). I actually do most of the day to day accounting myself and BCD comes in behind me, supports me, guides me and redirects our efforts when things are going awry. At the end of a visit it so nice to see that my books are up to date, neat and clean once again. I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that BCD has set our company’s finances back to right yet again.”
C Lavergne, Managing Partner, K6 Media, Orleans ON
“I remember the days before BCD. We were swamped. Well we still are, our business has grown, we have moved, added staff, built a business with a sound reputation. BCD Accounting Services has been with us through our changes. Sometimes I am too busy to hear it, but Catherine’s care and attention to our finances is well worth the notes and the emails left for me that I need to read (and work) through. And when we falter, Catherine works with us to realign our business priorities. And for the last couple of years we did not even have to dread our corporate year end, with Catherine at the helm. The best advice I can give to anyone: Hire BCD and then let them do for you what needs to be done. Listen to the words of wisdom Catherine imparts to you. You won’t regret it!”
The Cabinet Shop, North Gower
“I’ve used BCD’s accounting services for a number of years, and have found them to be a reliable asset, as well as a valuable resource, for all things “tax” and accounting related.
They are an important facet to the functioning of my company.”
D M Service Carpentry, North Gower, ON
“BCD Accounting Service has been of great help and support to our company over the last four years. Their attention to detail and vast knowledge helped us transition from Sole Proprietorship to Corporation and they continue to support our business efforts.
Catherine and her staff, with their guidance and advice, particularly when dealing with government requirements, have been invaluable.
I would recommend their services to anyone wanting accurate and complete financial records.”
S Seguin, President, Sawmill Oak Inc, Kemptville, Ontario
“Catherine Ellis of BCD Accounting Services, has been a solid accounting fixture in our offices for over 10 years. Not only does Catherine do a professional job for us, but she is always ready to make a suggestion and to give us knowledgeable advice.
And whether we like it or not, she keeps us on the straight and narrow with CRA and ensures we have the information we need to make the right decision. We have had audits from all branches of government and have always come through with flying colours because of Catherine’s dedication and thoroughness.”